a contemporary approach to singing and vocal technique

REWIRE combines scientific understanding, mindfulness/awareness-based techniques and visualization concepts to help you unlock a straight forward & predictable way of using your voice.

This unique approach borrows ideas from age-old singing traditions such as Bel Canto while embracing modern vocal techniques like CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) and SLS (Speech Level Singing) to let you discover the full potential of your voice.

  • The Basics

    Learn the fundamentals of how your voice works and what it takes to get the exact desired sound from your instrument.

  • Working with the Mind

    Explore ways to focus the awareness less on the mind's chattering and more on the singing activity using visualizations and other effective tools.

  • Communication, Comfort & Confidence

    Learn how to communicate with your body by familiarizing the right physical sensations while avoiding uncomfortable ones on your way to beautiful singing.

  • Beyond 'just' exercises

    Learn the how, why and when with all the exercises taught at Rewire so that YOU choose what helps you.

  • Routines & Results

    Discover the power of your body's muscle memory by setting up the perfect practice routines for your goals and singing journey!

  • .... and so much more!

    Vocal health & troubleshooting, effective journaling habits,tips for live performance and studio sessions and lots more are discussed under this carefully designed approach.

Due to these uncertain times of the coronavirus (covid-19), all physical workshops have been indefinitely suspended.


If you’re someone with a lot of time at home (*coughs*) with an interest in professional vocal coaching on Google Meet/Zoom/Skype..



further introducing..


Chapter 1: 'Initiation'

difficulty level - medium

As a vocal coach, I’ve come across a considerable amount of singers who would like to commit themselves to regular vocal training and mentoring but for various reasons, find it difficult to do so.

“Rewire at the Workshop” is a workshop series designed to accommodate such cases in addition to those who prefer a healthy balance of focused guided training and self-exploration.

Through various planned ‘chapters’, you are given the tools and knowledge to use your voice efficiently regardless of language. At the same time, with clear understanding and journal habits discussed, Rewire gives an ability to discover and build your skill on your own long after any given chapter is done.

As they say – give a fish to a man, it will help him for a day but teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.

Chapter 1 begins with a goal to initiate you into the Rewire approach and let you discover the very fundamentals of using your voice.

Only a singer exists both as the instrument and its player simultaneously, in & out.

When you learn to co-operate with these two sides of yourself using the right kind of insight and understanding, singing becomes a straight forward task.

In over 12 hours spread across 4 weekends, we will discover the language of the body (physical sensations), mind (thoughts) and the awareness (focus) to comfortably tame the physical instrument within us.

This chapter is suitable for all levels of experience in singers.

I’m of the opinion that the fundamentals of vocal technique are largely misunderstood by a significant part of the singing community. Many singers resort to random exercises that often distract us from accurate understanding & context.

Remember, “practice doesn’t make you perfect, practicing perfectly does.”

With that in mind, we go on a quest for answers in this chapter. What, why, where, when and how are invited to sit on our discussions and experiments.

Referring to the title of the approach itself, this chapter of initiation is for all singers who wish to explore a new & unique approach to rewire their understanding of the voice.

P.S Based on the application responses, multiple batches are subject to careful curation for diversity & efficiency.

Chapter 1 will occur in 4 sessions across 4 Sunday afternoons. The total duration of this chapter is 12 hours.

Applications are now open for batch titled ‘B2C1‘ whose course lasts from mid-march 2020 to mid-apr 2020

Location details and schedules will be communicated after being fully on-boarded through the application process.

General Location: Kalyan Nagar, Indiranagar and proximities. (Bangalore Only)

Rewire at the Workshop opts for focused training and mentoring as opposed to larger class sizes.

For Chapter 1, 10 seems to be the sweet spot between a healthy diversity in experience and a sense of community.

P.S although other chapters (particularly those that only last a day) focusing on more nuanced topics could accommodate a bigger batch, it is discussion left for a day and opportunity in the future.

Head over to the application form by clicking “Apply Now” for further details.

Post the submission process, the first batch titled ‘B1C1‘ will be sent an onboarding mail with a final step to payment which officially reserves your seat in the respective batch. 

Post the batch confirmation, applications will be closed until a new scheduling is announced in the future. 

Whereas for the newly on-boarded, a welcome mail with all the details for the first day will be sent. From there, it’s a month-long journey with your batchmates through a common goal of effortless singing!

No. This is not a crash course that will make you a great singer in 30 days.

The body doesn’t work that way.

Although the practical exercises and experiments discussed at Rewire will have an immediate and noticeable change in your voice, ‘memorizing’ these co-ordinations into your body’s muscle memory takes time ( and a healthy practice routine! )

What you will gain on the other hand are the right tools and understanding to use this time most efficiently as you learn this athletic skill. And an understanding of what it really takes to achieve your singing goals that could be put into practice every single day.

To be honest, as a professional musician & vocal coach, I view music as a grand experiment.

An experiment to learn more about the beautiful ways of interacting with physics and nature while understanding myself in the process. To do so with an instrument as empowering as the voice is a humbling and exciting journey.

This journey allows for my creativity and expression while earning me my daily bread (dosas).

And I’d like to share that with the community in assistance to those who seek the same.


  starts mid - jan 2020  


 starts 22 march 2020


singer-songwriter & vocal coach

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