I sat on a plane for the first time a few years ago as I made my way to New Delhi. It was for a solo tour across a few cities I was performing in North India.

During the tour, I spent about a week or so in a backpackers hostel. I was given a bunker bed among 5 other beds in that same room. These bunks around me would serve different guests every other day who would pit stop on their travels as I watched them come and go. Each night, when the lights went off, conversations would begin (sometimes for the very first time.)

2017, Live at The Hungry Monkey, New Delhi

Coming from different countries and cultures, we’d share stories about all kinds of things. Although a common topic that’d show up each night was about the way of life back home. Some would talk about their craving for homemade pie, others would mention how they miss their favorite old pub, and those like me would complain of our filter coffee woes.

Interestingly enough, those who’d given up “home” for the road many years ago had a different perspective on it. One of them said “I don’t miss any of that shit. Even if I did go back, I’d get cold feet and simply leave again”

Being the curious one, I asked “What is the word ‘home’ then in your dictionary?” He casually goes “The only home I’ve known for a long time are faces of people and their memories imprinted in my head.”

That’s what my upcoming single Fading Colours is about.

releasing worldwide via all music services on October 7th, 2020

And I’m excited to share the official video that I got to work on with artist Harshita Bandodkar really soon!

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