It is with much gratitude & excitement I share the news with you that my previous single Fading Colours has reached 200,000 streams on Spotify since its release in October 2020!

When the first wave of the pandemic hit us strong and the lockdowns began to thrive, it was a strange time for me.

I bet you would think the same!

The first few weeks, especially, were tough. Being holed up within four walls, seeing the death & horror unfold on the screens, no work coming in, debt piling up – all of it decided to ‘crash the party’ at the same time. But after the initial shock, the lack of social contact & the abundance of time threw me into a wave of self-curiosity & learning. I spent months working to record, mix & master ‘Fading Colours’, the song I could most relate to then.

As much as the rough early days shattered me, I realize how very grateful I am to have gone through them in the company of music.

Days & hours working on this song from ‘record’ to ‘release’ taught me patience and restraint that I needed then. It reminded me to find the quiet & still myself on the inside when the world outside was in chaos. Sometimes, being thrown to the ground is a reminder to, always, get right back up. Rainy days make us more excited for that first sunny morning peeking out of the mist. And losing a loved one can remind us how important it is to love; to hold ’em tight when you can.

Music & songwriting has taught me countless lessons in life. I’m thankful to it for saving me. And I greatly appreciate all of you for letting me keep music with me through my days, by keeping it with you.

Thank you once again for all your love so far on ‘Fading Colours’.

I’m also fortunate to have the support of these wonderful people:

There’s a new EP in the works for 2021.

The project involves a bigger crew, incredible talent & a lot of things to convey through words and melodies. And I cannot wait to share all about it with you in due time. Hope to see you around for it 🙂

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