Consider donating..

.. and consider sharing!

You know, I’ve always thought twice before asking someone to share my music on their wall/timeline/ex-girlfriend’s answering machine or whatever.

I create music to connect, reflect and relate.

Insisting someone to share with each content I post goes against that purpose. But.. the working man in me begs to differ. The one that pays the bills, dreams of getting rid of those study loans and move out, aspires for a better standard of living – he begs to differ.

That’s because sharing does help.

Every time you share a piece of my music, you give me an opportunity to reach out to more people out there, people like us. You help me in this continuing effort of making music while allowing me to survive as a full-time musician.

Having said that, I’d like to ask you for a favour..

If you find anything around here that you like, please do consider sharing it with your friends, on your wall/timeline or if you’d like – on your ex-girlfriend’s answering machine