On ‘Fading Colours’ reaching 200k(!) streams..

It is with much gratitude & excitement I share the news with you that my previous single ‘Fading Colours‘ has reached 200,000 streams on Spotify since its release in October 2020! When the first wave of the pandemic hit us strong and the lockdowns began to thrive, it was a strange time for me. I […]

“Fading Colours” official video out soon!

During the tour, I spent about a week or so in a backpackers hostel. I was given a bunker bed among 5 other beds in that same room. These bunks around me would serve different guests every other day who would pit stop on their travels as I watched them come and go. Each night, […]

the joy of discipline

With every new day shining its light, newer opportunities and experiences have welcomed themselves. I’m grateful for the new faces that join me on the journey that started when I was 15. I’m also grateful for the new places that I get to see with my fellow musicians as we travel from stage to stage. […]

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